10 Most Important Features You Need for Your Website

Having a website is crucially important to any small business owner. Publishing a website though is a difficult task that is why most businesses delegate this task to a web designer or web developer. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, they could greatly help you create a fully functional and efficient website, much quicker than you trying to find your way as you go!

However, you do need to communicate with your web designers so they know exactly what you want to put out there. They only create the design, you have to create your brand.

From the 50 features listed by 99MediaLab, we condensed them into 10 important features:

  1. Domain: Always choose a domain name that is both easy to remember and is representative of you and your business.
  1. Logo: Logo does not only represent your business but it also gives personality to your brand. Logo ensures your customer that you are serious about your business and you have your own mark. At the same time, logo makes it easier for customers to remember your brand.
  1. Tagline: Your tagline is a preview of what your customers will get from your company without having to scan everything on your website. Humans only have 8 seconds of attention span. Use your tagline to capture that crucial 8 Seconds.
  1. Navigation: Again, online users have short attention span. If your website navigation is confusing, chances are, your potential customers will leave your site. Discuss with your designer how to simplify navigation for your visitors.
  1. Images: Content is important, but so are images – these will make your website look professional and stand head and shoulders above the competition. Engaging images and content makes your visitor stay and it earns trust and reliability from your visitors.
  1. Contact Information: Now that you earn your customer’s trust and they decide on an instant to do business with you, they would want to know you more and speak with you. Make sure that all relevant contact information and it is easy for them to get in touch with you!
  1. Search FunctionA search bar basically simplifies search of specific contents. If a visitor wants to know about a specific topic, he does not need to skim through the whole site  to find it.
  1. Social Media buttonsSocial media platforms are highly useful in sharing messages across other platforms and over the internet generally. Make your website and your content easy to share to a wider audience by integrating social media buttons.
  1. Mobile responsivenessDo you know that there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users? With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, users now have internet access even while they’re not connected to a desktop computer.
  1. Google AnalyticsThe use of Google Analytics allows your business to identify the number of visitors on your site, where they come from, what pages they access, the type of mobile device and browser they are using and all other relevant metrics you need to improve your sales.

If you need to know more about the features for your website, click the full story here.

Source: This blog entry is inspired by the original article from 99medialab.com entitled 50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have posted on Feb 25,2016 written by Piyush Mangukiya.

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Posted on May 13, 2016 in advertising, Blog, marketing, web design

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