26 Mobile Apps You Need for a Successful Social Media Content

You will be surprised to know that everything you need to create, publish and analyze your content is all in your smartphone.

Yes! This all-in-one production studio uses apps. These apps will help you create an incredible social media content specific to your business.

Buffer writer Ash Read and Product Hunt share 26 apps you need for a successful social media content using only your smartphone. These apps are categorized as Creation apps, Editing apps and Publishing apps.


  • Musecam: Features manual camera controls, advanced tools like HSL and Curves as well as professional feeling camera presets.
  • Boomerang: This might look similar to GIF but instead of a loop, the video plays forward then backward continuously.
  • VSCO: This app has several high-quality filters and a host of free editing tools.
  • Halide: Enhance taking photos on your mobile with this unique app. You can enjoy powerful features like focus peaking ,control exposure and RAW.


For the complete list of apps, click the full article here.


Posted on July 7, 2017 in social media

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