McDonald’s is Using Snapchat and Why You Should Too

We’ve heard of different social media platforms with posts you can retrieve from years ago. But have you heard of a social media platform that boasts of its self-destruct feature?

McDonald’s is one of the well-known brands to use Snapchat in their marketing strategy by posting snaps of LeBron and Manziel and snaps of behind-the-scenes footages.

Snapchat has been popular to almost 2M active users in Australia alone (Social Media Statistics Australia – March 2016) between the ages 13-25 (based on statements from Snapchat’s executives).

What makes Snapchat an effective marketing strategy?

Quick Moments

Unlike other social media platforms that focus on more relevant content, Snapchat offers snaps of quick moments – not necessarily a relevant content but relevant for that particular moment.

Product Preview

Reward your followers by giving them the first chance to get a glimpse of your next product.

Special Events

Sending an exclusive events to fans and followers make them feel special and the more they want to engage with your brand.

Limited Offers

Because snaps self-destruct and are only available for a certain time, running limited offers and discount coupons from time to time makes your fans get more hooked to your brand!


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Posted on June 24, 2016 in marketing, social media

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