4 Things to Expect in Digital Marketing this 2017

In this article from Digital Marketing Magazine, the author discussed the things to expect in digital marketing in 2017.


Rise of CGC (Consumer-generated content)

Consumer-generated content will soon be used to promote conversion, drive trust and increase urgency in purchase.


Live Content

Marketers need to understand their consumer’s desires and preferences and respond to them in real-time.


Native advertising

Have you heard of “Tasty”? This is part of publishing powerhouse of BuzzFeed which posts recipe videos on Facebook. Tasty’s videos go viral is because they create rewarding content that can be shared with a similar target audience. Even the BBC news take a much more native advertising approach.


Consumer-first approach

Keep in mind that consumers see thousands of marketing messages a day. How do you catch their attention? By using a consumer-first marketing approach, marketers will create more winning campaigns. Speak their language! 🙂


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Posted on February 13, 2017 in advertising, marketing

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