4 Tips For a Successful Facebook Campaign

Wondering how to achieve success in your Facebook campaigns?


Facebook provides 4 tips to maximize your campaign results:

  1. Optimize for outcomes

What are your goals for the business. Set up your campaign objective to achieve that goal. Never rely on clicks alone but on the results. Do you want to increase sales? You should then be looking at the conversion objective such as purchases.


  1. Opt for automatics ad placements

Facebook recommends automatic placements so your ads can be shown where Facebook thinks they’re likely to perform best. This gives your ads flexibility which can ultimately help you drive results.


  1. Set a value for each type of customers

If you set value to each customer, Facebook can help you find people with similar characteristics to these people.


  1. Bid based on the value of the action

Don’t bid higher than the value set by the business. If purchasing a product is $20, then don’t bid for more than $20. It is best to start with the lowest-bid strategy and then analyze the results from there.


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Posted on April 30, 2018 in Blog

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