6 Steps to Growing your Facebook Following

Have you been struggling to grow your Facebook audience? If yes, then this is the perfect guide for you!

In this article from Social Media Examiner, you’ll find out this 6-step plan to growing your Facebook fans.

  1. Identify your market

Basic question you should ask is: who are the users interested in my product or services? If you know your audience, you know exactly the type of content you need to create and which contents you can boost to reach more audience.

  1. Identify niche interests for your target market

Identify niche interests by using Audience Insights. You can select 3-5 specific interests within your target market.

  1. Create appealing content for one of your niche market.

Aim to increase engagement and shares for your content by creating an appealing content. There are ways to make your content engaging.

  • Image that represents the niche interest
  • Posts that are relevant to your business
  • Include a call to action or question to encourage engagement


For the complete list of steps, kindly read the full article here.

Posted on October 30, 2017 in Blog

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