7 Quick Ways to Generate Blogging Ideas

Are you stuck, tired or just simply unmotivated to write something for your blog?

Here are some quick ways to generate blogging ideas:

Write on a topic you know

Instead of focusing on topics that will get clicks and shares, write more on a topic you are passionate about and something that interests you.

Turn to social media

Look no farther than your very own social media accounts. You will find people discussing, debating and sharing ideas and interests. Even the ads you see on your feeds can generate ideas for your blog! Review what your target market is discussing, and talk about that!

User web tools

These web tools include HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator or Portent’s Content Idea Generator which can provide you with writing prompt for uninspired and unmotivated days.

Format posts as lists

Internet users are drawn more to readable content – one which is easier to read at first glance. No one wants to read a bunch of sentences. Consider writing a content that can be presented as a list.


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Posted on June 19, 2017 in web content

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