26 Mobile Apps You Need for a Successful Social Media Content

You will be surprised to know that everything you need to create, publish and analyze your content is all in your smartphone. Yes! This all-in-one production studio uses apps. These apps will help you create an incredible social media content specific to your business. Buffer writer Ash Read and Product Hunt share 26 apps you…

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7 Quick Ways to Generate Blogging Ideas

Are you stuck, tired or just simply unmotivated to write something for your blog? Here are some quick ways to generate blogging ideas: Write on a topic you know Instead of focusing on topics that will get clicks and shares, write more on a topic you are passionate about and something that interests you. Turn…

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How to Optimise your Youtube videos

Are you starting a vlog or do you have an existing Youtube channel? If you’re aiming to increase views and expand your content reach, it’s time for your to optimise your Youtube channel for search. In this article by Hubspot, they reveal 7 areas of Youtube you can consider improving. Title Title should be clear,…

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Growing your Local Business through Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is more valuable for local business than review sites? There are ways to market your business more effectively on Facebook. This article is an interview from Dr. Anissa Holmes, a practicing dentist and instructor of Facebook marketing courses for dentists. She gives insights and tips to grow your local business…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Advertising

Have you tried using Instagram ads for your business? If you’re using Instagram as one of your business’ social media channels, you can connect, engage and convert a specific audience through Instagram ads. This guide from Buffer shows you the step by step guide to creating your ads, measuring your ad performance and assessing the…

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Guide to Generating Leads using Facebook Ads

  If you’re looking for ways to generate more leads from Facebook, then this article from Social Media Examiner is for you.   Here are the steps to setting up a lead generation system in Facebook: Know your Target Customers No matter how good your ad is if it does not appeal to your target…

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Make the Most of Mobile Advertising with These Hacks

“Social on mobile is definitely where you want to be.” In this article from KissMetrics, they have provided 5 proven hacks to increase effectiveness in your social advertising on mobile devices: Targeting options for Mobile There are several targeting options available for social advertising on mobile. Some of these options include hyper-local ads, wifi and…

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Featured on CORE Life Magazine

8 Seconds creator Tolita Dukes shares about her first book Where We Live Airlie Beach on Core Life Magazine. Read the full article here.

4 Things to Expect in Digital Marketing this 2017

In this article from Digital Marketing Magazine, the author discussed the things to expect in digital marketing in 2017.   Rise of CGC (Consumer-generated content) Consumer-generated content will soon be used to promote conversion, drive trust and increase urgency in purchase.   Live Content Marketers need to understand their consumer’s desires and preferences and respond…

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