TrueView as a Platform for Inbound Marketers

In this article by Blogspot, discover the reasons as to why Trueview, Youtube’s ad platform is deemed to be a “brilliant” platform for inbound marketers. Due to the fact that a huge percentage of internet users are watching videos in Youtube, TrueView becomes a very viable platform for both brands and marketers to run their…

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5 Things They Never Told You About Marketing Success

In the article from Business 2 Community website entitled The Secret to Marketing Success Make it a Habit, the importance of marketing strategy was highly emphasized. If you want to grow your business, you need to step up your marketing strategy. Your marketing efforts will assist you with the growth of your business. The thing…

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10 Most Important Features You Need for Your Website

Having a website is crucially important to any small business owner. Publishing a website though is a difficult task that is why most businesses delegate this task to a web designer or web developer. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, they could greatly help you create a fully functional and efficient website, much quicker…

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Do you Budget for Your Marketing?

Marketing affects all areas of your business. Although it is often one of the first to get “the chop” when times are lean, reducing your budget in this area when sales are down can make the problem even worse. Read more

How long do you have to get your client’s attention? 8 seconds.

8 seconds is the golden rule of the Internet, the time you have to cut through and get your message across before your online visitor loses interest. Think about your own behaviour. What do you do when you land on a website which isn’t what you were looking for or one that is loading slowly? You bounce out! The…

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The ultimate form of marketing, showing you care.

  Think about yourself, as the consumer. When you go to get your morning coffee and you are greeted by first name and a smile. You are then presented with your coffee of choice without having to even ask for it. How do you feel? Valued as a customer to the business who you have chosen to…

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You Have 8 Seconds


Print advertising is dead Or is it?

  THERE IS NO DOUBT TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE DIGEST NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT. NEW OPTIONS HAVE BEEN PRESENTED TO US, AND WE HAVE EMBRACED THEM! You can now get your daily copy of the newspaper delivered straight to your iPad, before you even get out of bed and put the kettle on. Gone are the days…

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What is most important marketing tool

  YOUR WEBSITE. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. WHY? YOUR WEBSITE IS THE PLACE WHERE YOU HAVE 100% OF YOUR AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION. Consider your behaviour when you need to purchase something new. What do you do? Google it! What you find or not find will completely shape your perspective of the business or product you are searching for…

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Are you looking for a more targeted advertising campaign?

  There is a great saying when it comes to advertising. ‘I know 50% of my advertising budget works, I am just not sure which 50%.’ With Facebook advertising, you can be 100% sure of your return on investment change to you can be 100% sure of a return on investment. Advertising will never make…

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