Are you top of mind with your clients?

What do you do when your business slows down? Tighten your belt, watch your cash flow and hope it doesn’t last long? In quieter periods of business, you must stay top of mind with your clients. Whilst marketing shouldn’t be exempt from a budget review, there are plenty of things businesses can do which results…

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Advertising Why Less is More

The whole point of advertising your business is to make it visible to your target audience. But if your advertisements are overpopulated by technical jargon and superfluous information, you may as well have it written in invisible ink. CLICK HERE to read more!  

Marketing Tips from 8 Seconds

So I am embracing the world of YouTube, and have kicked of a series of minute marketing tips and tricks on my 8 Seconds YouTube channel. Click here to check it out! This week, I mention a great time saver for your inbox, check it out. Hopefully it will help you as much as it…

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Are you social for business?

Business hours are no longer store opening hours. Now you can present your goods and wares at all hours, for your customers and potential customers to view in the comfort of whilst in their pajamas! Social media, love it or hate it, is here and in force. You can choose to ignore it or embrace…

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Ok – so I have got back in the digital marketing chair!

Post having a very interactive chat today with a number of impressive Whitsunday Women in Business, I am pleased to post the presentation we discussed about digital media. Hope you get something out of it, click here to view… Keep an eye out for Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Hashtag hashtag. Email me if you have…

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How long do you have to get your client’s attention?

8 seconds is the golden rule of the Internet, the time you have to cut through and get your message across before your online visitor loses interest. Think about your own behaviour. What do you do when you land on a website which isn’t what you were looking for or one that is loading slowly?…

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Automatically groom your inbox – daily

Do you get excited and subscribe to so many emails that when you open you inbox you suffer from paralysis!? I did! Until I found the most amazing tool – UNROLL.ME. This clever site grooms and declutters your inbox daily, and send everything through in 1 email… You can look over, click to view or…

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Eye tracking tips that will keep readers on your website

Have you recently considered creating or updating your website? You are probably thinking about the colors, typefaces and content you’ll want to feature on the site. An effective website that keeps visitors coming back requires more than just a pleasing color palette and good content. It must consider visitors’ eye patterns and how they read…

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The best body language for business situations

How do you do it? While what we say in certain situations is clearly important, body language plays a less obvious, yet critical role. The gestures and movements you make can encourage new clients or customers to trust you, help you emphasize certain points in a presentation, or show your boss you’re on the same…

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I believe in first impressions…

A recent article I was blessed to have done on mwah! Thank you Sharon Smallwood and the Whitsunday Times for this great snapshot of my business and myself! Much appreciated it! Enjoy!  

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