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Improve Your Facebook Campaigns Using Customer Testimonials

Did you know that you can use your customer testimonials to build Facebook ad funnel? Social Media Examiner shares ways on how to create a Facebook ad funnel using customer testimonials. Use case study video for warm prospects Create a short video, ideally less than 5 minutes, discussing how your product or service solves a…

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Growing your Local Business through Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is more valuable for local business than review sites? There are ways to market your business more effectively on Facebook. This article is an interview from Dr. Anissa Holmes, a practicing dentist and instructor of Facebook marketing courses for dentists. She gives insights and tips to grow your local business…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Advertising

Have you tried using Instagram ads for your business? If you’re using Instagram as one of your business’ social media channels, you can connect, engage and convert a specific audience through Instagram ads. This guide from Buffer shows you the step by step guide to creating your ads, measuring your ad performance and assessing the…

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A little more about me!

Thank you to Core Mag & editor Bec for including this little article on 8 Seconds in the October edition of Core. Daily I am fascinated by the updates in technology and the ability to reach toward our consumers and connect with them. We now have the opportunity to publish our own online adverts, commercials,…

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