How to Create a Buyer Persona from Facebook Insights

Who are your target audience? Really? Who are you selling too? If you aren’t super clear, consider creating a buyer persona based on your Facebook Insights.


A buyer persona is essential in identifying the ideal type of customer. This is a profile consisting of detailed information of your ideal customer.


Think of a Facebook profile. When you sign up for Facebook, you created your profile containing all the details of your life such as age, gender, interests, marital status, location and more.


For a buyer persona, there are 4 important elements:

  1. Personal Background info
  2. Their Wants
  3. Reason for buying your product
  4. Best way to reach


Did you know that Facebook offers a way for you to create detailed audience research? This is done through Audience Insights.


Create Custom Audience

Upload database of your existing customers.


Analyze your audience

From your existing Custom Audience, you can narrow your audience and take other aspects such as behavior and interests into consideration.


Create a Buyer Persona

After analyzing your data, you can now create your own buyer persona.


Want to get step-by-step guide to creating a buyer persona? Click the full article here.

Posted on April 19, 2018 in Blog

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