Do you feel flustered?


Don’t say the dreaded o-word! ‘Overwhelm’

In today’s world, we are so fragmented with our attention. This can be technically known as ‘shiney object syndrome’.

We are constantly interrupted through the amazing connection that technology offers us, however as a result this also severely fragments our attention, ending up feeling like we are spinning our wheels and not moving at all!

As a small business owner it is easy to feel the need to do everything yourself.

Does this sound familiar? ‘No-one can do this as well as me’. Or what about, ‘I will save the business money by doing this myself’.

Whilst there is some truth to both of these statements, the results are that you as the ‘magic’ in the business become overwhelmed and miss the opportunity cost of delegating tasks you aren’t great at. If you did, you could be actively making more money for your business by doing what you do best. Alternatively you could work on your growth strategy for your business and allow your team to learn the task and improve on their skills in the process.

So, how do you move forward… Eliminate, automate, delegate! Number 1

Look at your inbox. Is it clogged full of things you don’t have to action or even have the time to read? Unsubscribe! Delete! Feel the power of the keyboard! Even better, set up rules within your inbox to assist you managing your email traffic. If you regularly receive similar emails such as daily reports, set up to auto file/archive these. You will still have them, you know where to find them, but they aren’t demanding your attention in your inbox. There are some great free tools out there depending such as, a divine plugin which works with many email platforms. It intuitively recognises emails which may be email newsletters and asks you whether you want to ‘roll’ these up. Once you have confirmed their status (or unsubscribed) the program pops them all into one neat email by way of a screenshot, so you can canvass them at once and stay up to date, click, read and delete.

Hurrah, inbox cleansed!

Number 2 Automate. There is some fantastic tools out there which offer you the ability to have something happen automatically as a result of another action. For example, if you schedule a meeting in your calendar, it automatically reminds you to follow up the meeting by adding an additional task to your list dated for 2 days after., which stands for ‘If This Then That’ and works by connecting programs and creating an online trigger between the two.

Number 3 Delegate. Probably one of the most difficult. Consider the opportunity cost of delegating a task to a staff member and the true value of doing so. Yes, they won’t complete the task as well as you initially, but they will learn, and this will free your time up to do what you do best. Making money for your business.

After all, it’s all about progress, not perfection. Get more efficient, eliminate, automate, delegate!

If you would like to learn about any more of the these programs or would like to delegate some of your marketing, give Tolita at 8 Seconds a call on 0488 117 728 or check out 8 Seconds, marketing for your business.

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Posted on August 11, 2015 in technology

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