How Facebook 360 Photos Are Beneficial to Your Business


In this article from Christian Karasiewicz of Social Media Examiner, he discussed how to use Facebook 360 to work for your business.

Facebook 360 is basically the new feature of Facebook that lets you create a 3D photo. Instead of a normal flat photo, Facebook 360 allows you to upload a photo of the environment and see its 360 view by clicking and dragging your mouse.

Wondering how to use it in your business? Here are some ways:

  1. Showcase your store and products

Upload a 360 photo from the perspective of a buyer. For example, if you’re selling musical instruments in your store, a buyer would want to see your collection. With facebook 360, you can invite your buyer to a virtual tour your of your store.

  1. Share Live Events

Consumers and virtual audience are always curious of what’s happening behind the scenes. Take advantage of Facebook 360 to share your business’ live events to give your fans a chance to experience it.

  1. Share your Location

What’s a better way for your customers to better locate your store is by showing landmarks. Upload a Facebook 360 photo to show what’s outside your store and the famous landmarks in your area. Some people can better locate things from pictures rather than word instructions.

Want to find out more ways? Read the full article here.


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Posted on December 5, 2016 in advertising, Blog, marketing, social media, technology

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