Generate Brand Awareness through Social Proof

In this interesting article by Foundr, they emphasize the significance of social proof in boosting your brand. It has come to a point when consumers no longer trust the ads as 100% accurate. They wanted to hear first-hand feedback from other people before actually taking action.

Some of the types of social proof discussed in the article are the following:

Approval from an influencer
An influencer, as described in the article, is someone who holds a high degree of credibility with the target audience. An influencer does not only have a large following but he/she also has the ability to persuade and convince. For example, a brand that has been endorsed or approved by a particular blogger or celebrity will most likely appeal to the target market.

Wisdom of the crowd
As we probably have heard, there is safety in numbers. Another approach to get social proof is to take a large number of people to try the brand. This convinces others to do the same owing to the notion that “if there are a huge number of people doing it, then it has to be good.”

Some brands make use of the approval from a certain authority as a social proof. For example, actors that are Nominated or Won an Academy Award is a social proof to their brilliance. Having that seal from an authority is important.

In marketing, you will probably see brand websites with logos of media outlets they’ve been featured in. This is a subtle way of informing your audience that they should pay attention to your brand because it is newsworthy.

Want to know more types of social proof? Read the full article here.


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Posted on September 20, 2016 in marketing

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