Have you heard the term SEO? It is otherwise known as search engine optimisation. Chances are if you have a website, that you would have heard this acronym thrown around from time to time.

Ensuring your website is search engine optimised and friendly is key to your online marketing success. But what does that mean and how do you ensure your website meets this need?

There are many techniques to ensure your website is optimised for search, good and bad.

Blackhat SEO refers to aggressive SEO strategies which include tactics such as keyword stuffing, invisible text and adding unrelated keywords to page content. These techniques do not obey search engine guidelines. White SEO refers to organic strategies that focus on keyword analysis, back linking and link building, all which follow search engine rules and policies. Google is now focusing on the quality of your content. It is rewarding websites that give users a better search experience because they are providing quality content. Valuing those who provide value is fair, right? As a consumer, I say yes! For business, this is a little daunting. We still have to ensure that we have the right keywords within our site, and it also means that we have to continually update our space online with quality content for our consumers.

How? A blog! Naturally you will have keywords within your content, and by posting to a regular blog page within your website, you will provide Google with new quality content to grade. The mantra “content is king” is relevant, and consider this when posting. Be aware, the algorithm behind SEO is constantly changing, and as it does, competition gets tougher. Everything will come down to the quality of the content you are providing, and that is the only constant. By providing useful, helpful, quality content, you will be rewarded in the long term. People will stay on your website longer and Google will recognise this and respond by naturally increasing your rankings. It won’t happen overnight but… If you need help with your website content, contact Tolita from 8 Seconds.

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Posted on November 19, 2015 in marketing, SEO

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