Howdy and Hap-Happy New Year! Feels kinda odd saying that (because it kinda feels like March already?!)

A quick note to say all the best for a prosperous 2022 in life and business.

A quick question, have you got marketing plans for 2022?

This is the perfect time to make your plans for a successful business year, map out your goals and most importantly how to get there. I would love to help you STAY STRONG, especially in these ‘weird’ times…

Stay strong people!

If you are in QLD, NT, or WA and you are yet to participate in the Business Station Inc, I can offer you a couple of hours of my time thanks to the government to tune up your 2022 for just $44.

As part of this, you will get access to a number of webinars also… Email me if you would like more info? if you are keen and I will send you the link to sign up!

Alternatively, if you have already accessed the Business Station Program, we have other options! Would you be keen to participate in a workshop in a fortnight to Plan Your Marketing for 22? I would love to have you there if you think this may assist you. Let me know (send me an email – I will keep you posted!)

Looking forward to a prosperous and healthy year… and if I can help, let me know (email me)! Have a great weekend!

Warmest regards,
Tolita x


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