How do you know what the appropriate social media tool for your business?

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If you want to know the appropriate social media tool for your business, ask these 5 critical questions, thanks to Jeff Bullas:


  1. Does it makes your life easier?

When choosing a social media tool, you have to make sure and ask yourself if you are willing to spend hours in training sessions to learn how to use the tool.


  1. Does it help you with the overall content creation process?

It’s important to try out a number of different tools before deciding on what tool to use. The social media tools should be focused on your end goal.


  1. Does it make you want to create content?

A social media tool should makes you excited to do your work. An example of an easy to use tool is ContentCal, it has features that allow you to work in the way that you wanted.


  1. Does it teach you how to improve?

When looking for a social media tool with built-in analytics, ask yourself which statistics are more important to you as it will indicate that your current social media strategy may lead to greater success.


  1. Does it allow you to collaborate?

The social media tool should centralise the communication and all in one context.


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Posted on September 14, 2018 in Blog, social media

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