Improve Your Facebook Campaigns Using Customer Testimonials

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Did you know that you can use your customer testimonials to build Facebook ad funnel?

Social Media Examiner shares ways on how to create a Facebook ad funnel using customer testimonials.

Use case study video for warm prospects

Create a short video, ideally less than 5 minutes, discussing how your product or service solves a problem. You can also include verifiable data showing the result.

Show customer testimonials to engage your audience

This is where you use custom audience to retarget those who have watched your case study video. Social Media Examiner suggests you run 5 ads for different customer testimonials.

Create a conversion offer ads

In this final campaign, use the same audience you used in #2. Retarget those same people who watched 50% of your video. Create a campaign aiming to convert them to try and use your product or service.


For a more step by step guide to find out the value of testimonials and how to make the most of your campaigns with them, read the full story here.



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