How long do you have to get your client’s attention? 8 seconds.

8 seconds is the golden rule of the Internet, the time you have to cut through and get your message across before your online visitor loses interest.

Think about your own behaviour. What do you do when you land on a website which isn’t what you were looking for or one that is loading slowly? You bounce out!

The average person is exposed to approximately 5000 advertising messages daily. With all these distractions, this rule not only applies to the Internet, rather all marketing activity. So, how do you get cut through?

  • Identify your goal. That may sound obvious, but it is often not defined before businesses spend their valuable marketing dollars.
  • Identify your audience. Think about how you can gain exposure to them.
  • What are their interests or hobbies? What do they read, watch and listen too? What publications are available within your target markets?
  • With your goal and target market defined, consider the opportunities and decide what marketing vehicles will give you the best reach. Be sure to measure your efforts, otherwise how will you qualify your campaign as a success or failure?

All these questions aim to stimulate your thought process around your marketing strategy. Clear goals and strategies as well as constant finetuning based on previous campaign results will crystalise your marketing strategy. This will in turn achieve cut through to your audience.

If this has encouraged you to think a little harder about your own marketing strategy, feel free to touch base. Let’s get your business busy!

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Posted on April 12, 2016 in marketing

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