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There is a great saying when it comes to advertising. ‘I know 50% of my advertising budget works, I am just not sure which 50%.’ With Facebook advertising, you can be 100% sure of your return on investment change to you can be 100% sure of a return on investment.

Advertising will never make selling as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Like any hunt, the target must be watched, followed and understood. If you want an advertising campaign which shoots straight to your target demographic, Facebook is your telescopic sight.

Don’t be mistaken, it will still take a few rounds of trial and error to tune into your core audience (no pun intended!), but practise makes perfect. With all the information and feedback Facebook offers, you can quickly manipulate your campaign to increase your success rate. There are a range of options which work in different ways to reach specific audiences, encompassing categories as broad as age and gender, and as precise as geographic location, relationship status and recreational hobbies.

Say a clothing warehouse began to offer free international shipping with orders over $50. They want to promote this offer to potential customers around the world to expand their reach. But not everyone loves fashion.

So the business targets their campaign to include Facebook pages, groups or communities which have expressed a clear interest in fashion. While they are reaching fewer people, they are reaching a higher percentage of people likely to be interested in their offer.

The broader your search, the more expensive your ad campaign will be. A careful and tentative approach is a wiser use of your advertising budget. It is less about casting the net wide and more about getting a higher strike rate.Get your marketingworking with Facebook advertising. Try Facebook advertising.Before engaging in Facebook advertising, define your business goals,as you should for all marketing activities. Are you looking to build anaudience on your Facebook page or grow your database? The clearer your aims, the more closely you will be able to tailor an effective Facebook advertising campaign that cuts through to the core of your target market.

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Posted on January 5, 2016 in advertising, marketing

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