Make the Most of Mobile Advertising with These Hacks

“Social on mobile is definitely where you want to be.”

In this article from KissMetrics, they have provided 5 proven hacks to increase effectiveness in your social advertising on mobile devices:

  1. Targeting options for Mobile

There are several targeting options available for social advertising on mobile. Some of these options include hyper-local ads, wifi and platform  device targeting.

  1. Native advertising format

Social media channels offer sponsored posts that are of native advertising format. You only need to figure out which format best suits your business. For example, Facebook offers sponsored news feed posts, Instagram offers sponsored photo posts and Pinterest offers design-related pins.

  1. Videos

Consider this: Facebook ads generate 5-6% higher engagement than ads without videos in them. In Youtube, video ads are 1.4x likely to be watched and shared on mobile. Although video advertising can be expensive, it sure will catch your consumer’s attention.


Want to learn more about the other hacks? Read the full article here.


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Posted on March 20, 2017 in advertising, marketing

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