How to Optimise your Youtube videos

Are you starting a vlog or do you have an existing Youtube channel?

If you’re aiming to increase views and expand your content reach, it’s time for your to optimise your Youtube channel for search. In this article by Hubspot, they reveal 7 areas of Youtube you can consider improving.


Title should be clear, concise and compelling so that viewers will click and watch your videos. Make sure that the title of the video matches what the user is searching for. Otherwise, you will lose your channel’s credibility and you’ll earn an annoyed viewer.


According to Google, Youtube video description is only limited to 1000 characters. You may use up all these characters but remember that the viewer is in Youtube to watch and not to read a lengthy description.


What is your video about? Tags allow both Youtube and the viewers the content of your video. This also helps Youtube associate your video with other videos.
4 to go! To read those, click here.

Posted on June 8, 2017 in marketing

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