Port of Airlie

Project Description

The newest and most exciting addition to Airlie Beach, Port of Airlie engaged 8 Seconds in a marketing and public relations capacity. As the project has evolved the scope of the job has also to include various different target markets, including various groups such as those within the 300 km radius, metropolitan centres, retailers and locals. The progressive nature of this project means the marketing and public relations strategy constantly adapting along with the project as new stages are being released.

Aspects of this role include budget management, advertising campaigns, media strategy, website development and management, social media management and representing the business when required.

8 Seconds has also been tasked with assistance in regular communication with clients, via an electronic direct mail piece (newsletter) which has enabled Port of Airlie to not only keep clients up to date with the project and developments as they unfold but also to ensure they are top of mind with the current, past and potential investors.

Statistics around open rates and click through rates also assist Port of Airlie in understanding if there is any specific interest expressed by clients to ensure all opportunities are captured.

Project Details

Client: Port of Airlie

Tags: Website Development

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