Farm HQ

Farm HQ is the industry leader in farming practise and principles in North Queensland. This successful business felt the need to move with more modern times as their clients begin to seek information in new more ‘online’ ways. 8 Seconds recognised the on this occasion, hard copies, print outs of newsletters and communication by phone…

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Icon Homes

This new and fresh company to the Whitsundays engaged 8 Seconds to assist in crafting their brand message to ensure positioning included reaching the spectrum of potential clients interested in building, to those who are building their second home. The ‘iconic lifestyle’ is the main the point of difference to the market with other key…

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Helibiz is one of the largest helicopter businesses in Australia. With facets including training, selling, servicing and chartering helicopters, 8 Seconds was tasked with creating a website which portrayed all of these key aspects of the business effectively. 8 Seconds has also been tasked with assistance in regular communication with clients, via an electronic direct…

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Hamilton Island Air

8 Seconds has been tasked with management of social media accounts for Hamilton Island Air, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hamilton Island Air is a brand which inspires audience connection and brand awareness. This brand has a strong presence within social media as clients share when they experience the product, as the association with a.helicopters…

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Port of Airlie

The newest and most exciting addition to Airlie Beach, Port of Airlie engaged 8 Seconds in a marketing and public relations capacity. As the project has evolved the scope of the job has also to include various different target markets, including various groups such as those within the 300 km radius, metropolitan centres, retailers and…

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Beau Cheval

French for ‘beautiful horse’, 8 Seconds was tasked with developing a new logo for this new riding school in Airlie Beach. Brand elements include style, class, elegance which we captured in the simplicity in of the black and white logo with the sweeping lines of the horse’s profile.

La Tabella

Italian food and culture go hand and hand, and that is what La Tabella has brought to Airlie Beach. This premium local restaurant tasked 8 Seconds with web development, including key features such as capturing the Italian themes, the importance of food and the place it holds in the Italian culture and family home.

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