Secrets to Improving your Facebook Video Ads

Learn ways to make your video ads more powerful in this article from Social Media Examiner.


First Few Seconds

Remember that Facebook audience sees a lot of news feeds every hour. How do you make sure they pay attention to your video ads?

Audience retention is dependent on the first 2-3 seconds. If you don’t catch their attention in that few seconds, they will most likely leave.


Use of Thumbnail

Using a thumbnail in your video ads increases the probability for audience to click on it. Remember to make the images engaging enough to your audience.


Custom Audiences

Facebook allows setup of custom audiences. It is best to create multiple video audiences based on their level engagement (i.e 3 seconds watched, 10 secs watched, 25% watched etc) This does not only improve your views but also helps you gain insights about the users.


Optimize Video Delivery through View Views

Video ads are setup to obtain different goals such as generate conversions, increase engagement, drive traffic and get video views.

By selecting Video Views as the ad objective, your video ad will more likely reach users who will click and watch the video.


Do you want to learn more tips? Read the full article here.


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Posted on October 4, 2016 in advertising, marketing, social media

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