SK-11 Changed the Perspective on China’s “Leftover” Women

This article from Adweek tackles how SK-11 skin care brand helped to change the perspective of traditional Chinese parents, and hopefully the rest of the world, on “leftover women”. Chinese parents are worried for their daughters who are still not married at the of 25 and above.

Parents themselves take action so their daughters can find husbands as soon as possible, mostly without their daughters knowing about it.

This creates a lot of pressure for some Chinese women who do not believe that marriage is the answer to their happiness. Most of these women are career women who put more priority on their education and careers rather than on marriage.

The messages from these women to their parents signify their stand to choose for themselves their own happiness and independence.

To read the full story, click the article here.


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Posted on May 27, 2016 in Blog, marketing

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