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4 Things to Expect in Digital Marketing this 2017

In this article from Digital Marketing Magazine, the author discussed the things to expect in digital marketing in 2017.   Rise of CGC (Consumer-generated content) Consumer-generated content will soon be used to promote conversion, drive trust and increase urgency in purchase.   Live Content Marketers need to understand their consumer’s desires and preferences and respond…

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less is MORE

  Often, when paying for advertising, we want to include as much as we can for our customers. We want to give them a full picture of our products or services and get the best bang for our buck! However, this is not the time or the place (space). We all recognise the value of a dollar and every dollar…

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Do you feel flustered?

  Don’t say the dreaded o-word! ‘Overwhelm’ In today’s world, we are so fragmented with our attention. This can be technically known as ‘shiney object syndrome’. We are constantly interrupted through the amazing connection that technology offers us, however as a result this also severely fragments our attention, ending up feeling like we are spinning our…

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Are you top of mind

  Businesses need to be savvier than ever, however unfortunately it is in these quieter periods that marketing usually gets seen as complimentary business expense. Nothing could be further from the truth! In quieter periods of business, you must stay top of mind with your clients.Whilst marketing shouldn’t be exempt from a budget review, there…

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Unexpected quiet period?

  What do you do when you find yourself in an unexpected quiet period in your business? Quieter than it ever has ever been before? You tell people about your business, otherwise known as ‘marketing’! Businesses, large and small, usually go into ‘buckle up’ mode in a downturn. They tighten their belts and watch their cash flow…

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Business Apps Do you need one?

Businesses have been asking themselves this question for some time now, with most having a tough time even deciphering whether they would benefit from implementing a business application (app) or not. Rest assured there are many benefits of going down this track, as it becomes an increasingly popular interface for businesses to engage with clients…

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Social media so what?

Two painful little words for the small business owner. Social media. Should we? Shouldn’t we? What will we talk about? No one wants to hear what we have to say do they? What if someone posts a negative comment about our business for everyone to see? Social Media is now the number 1 activity on…

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Advertising Why Less is More

The whole point of advertising your business is to make it visible to your target audience. But if your advertisements are overpopulated by technical jargon and superfluous information, you may as well have it written in invisible ink. CLICK HERE to read more!  

Marketing Tips from 8 Seconds

So I am embracing the world of YouTube, and have kicked of a series of minute marketing tips and tricks on my 8 Seconds YouTube channel. Click here to check it out! This week, I mention a great time saver for your inbox, check it out. Hopefully it will help you as much as it…

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