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Improve Your Facebook Campaigns Using Customer Testimonials

Did you know that you can use your customer testimonials to build Facebook ad funnel? Social Media Examiner shares ways on how to create a Facebook ad funnel using customer testimonials. Use case study video for warm prospects Create a short video, ideally less than 5 minutes, discussing how your product or service solves a…

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Secrets for a Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting

An article from Social Media Examiner introduces marketers to effective ways on how to connect with local customers. Ad type Your ad will depend heavily on your objective such as boosting a post, promoting your page, obtaining leads, increasing engagement on your page and other objectives. You can also set your target location, age and…

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Are you looking for a more targeted advertising campaign?

  There is a great saying when it comes to advertising. ‘I know 50% of my advertising budget works, I am just not sure which 50%.’ With Facebook advertising, you can be 100% sure of your return on investment change to you can be 100% sure of a return on investment. Advertising will never make…

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