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Why Setting a Marketing Budget is a Must for Your Business

This article from Business 2 Community titled  Establishing A Small Business Marketing Budget by Rachel Anderson,discusses how small business owners overlooked the importance of setting a marketing a budget. Quite often even if a budget is set, businesses fail to determine how much to allocate. Here are are a couple of key things things that…

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Do you Budget for Your Marketing?

Marketing affects all areas of your business. Although it is often one of the first to get “the chop” when times are lean, reducing your budget in this area when sales are down can make the problem even worse. Read more

Unexpected quiet period?

  What do you do when you find yourself in an unexpected quiet period in your business? Quieter than it ever has ever been before? You tell people about your business, otherwise known as ‘marketing’! Businesses, large and small, usually go into ‘buckle up’ mode in a downturn. They tighten their belts and watch their cash flow…

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