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7 Effective Video SEO Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Do you include video in your content marketing strategy? When it comes to search engine rankings, using videos as part of your overall marketing plan is a super smart move as it drives more traffic to your site. Enter… Youtube! YouTube is now the second largest search engine (#2 next to Google which is #1!)…

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How to Improve your Email List via Facebook Messenger Bot

Want to know how to create an email list using Facebook messenger bot? In this article, you will learn the 3 ways on how to automate the email list in your marketing service option. Create a list and Welcome message in your email marketing service First, login to your email marketing service. Then you have…

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Top 10 Online Video Trends This 2018

Television used to be the center of entertainment. Fast forward to 2018, we now have the “video” which we have full control. We can now control what we want, when to to watch, where to watch and which device we want to watch. This poses another question: where is video going? Check out these 10…

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LinkedIn layout changes

What Marketers Should Know About the Latest LinkedIn Layout

Have you updated your LinkedIn profile yet? Check out the latest LinkedIn layout changes and find out how to improve your networking and marketing. Profile photo placement LinkedIn profile photo has now been shifted to the left-hand side instead of center. This allows more open space for your background image. You can now design a…

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7 Ways Retarget Website Visitors using Facebook Custom Audience

Do you want to learn how to retarget audience on Facebook who visited and engaged with your website? Social Media Examiner provides 7 ways to retarget your website visitors using Facebook Custom Audience: Target all website visitors – This is the best option for small business owners that still don’t have enough website traffic. Retarget…

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4 Tips For a Successful Facebook Campaign

Wondering how to achieve success in your Facebook campaigns?   Facebook provides 4 tips to maximize your campaign results: Optimize for outcomes What are your goals for the business. Set up your campaign objective to achieve that goal. Never rely on clicks alone but on the results. Do you want to increase sales? You should…

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12 SEO Must-Have Tools for 2018

Do you want to know how Google sees your own site?   If you want to improve your organic search strategy, choose tools that will target the important elements of your site.  Check out these 12 SEO monitoring tools from Hubspot!   Google’s Webmaster Tools This is a free site analysis tool from Google. Fetch…

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How to Create a Buyer Persona from Facebook Insights

Who are your target audience? Really? Who are you selling too? If you aren’t super clear, consider creating a buyer persona based on your Facebook Insights.   A buyer persona is essential in identifying the ideal type of customer. This is a profile consisting of detailed information of your ideal customer.   Think of a…

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Why Voice Search Is Important to Your SEO

Did you know that 27% in 2000 people use voice search? With improved devices entering the market every year and the on-the-go lifestyle of this generation, it is not surprising that voice search is starting to rise. Note that voice command is not only limited to mobile devices as even computers can now understand voice…

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7 Quick Ways to Generate Blogging Ideas

Are you stuck, tired or just simply unmotivated to write something for your blog? Here are some quick ways to generate blogging ideas: Write on a topic you know Instead of focusing on topics that will get clicks and shares, write more on a topic you are passionate about and something that interests you. Turn…

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