Top 10 Online Video Trends This 2018

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Television used to be the center of entertainment. Fast forward to 2018, we now have the “video” which we have full control. We can now control what we want, when to to watch, where to watch and which device we want to watch.

This poses another question: where is video going?

Check out these 10 trends across the online video landscape this 2018 from uScreen.

Live video

Live video is getting popular these days all over Facebook, Instagram and even other social media channels. Research shows that 80% would prefer watching live videos than reading blog posts and 82% prefer live videos rather than social posts.

Video training

Video is now an important tool in training. It does not only provides lower cost but also allows training from across distances.

360 video

Did you know that a 360-degree video is now accessible? This type of video content allows the audience to control which perspective to see making the video more interactive. People now prefer to watch 360-degree videos of sports, travel, live entertainment, movies and other news.

Personalized video messages

With the advanced features of smartphones nowadays, its easier to shoot personalized video messages instead of calling or sending emails.

Vlogging (or video blogging)

Online users also prefer video blogging to regular form of blogging. In fact, experts found out that vlogging creates a more authentic connection with the viewers, builds like-minded community and allows more room for monetization.


Want to know the rest of the recent online video trends? Click the full story here. Who knows what 2019 will bring!



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