The ultimate form of marketing, showing you care.


Think about yourself, as the consumer. When you go to get your morning coffee and you are greeted by first name and a smile. You are then presented with your coffee of choice without having to even ask for it. How do you feel? Valued as a customer to the business who you have chosen to spend your money with.

With the addition of technology, it has become easier than ever to contact with our clients via email, text and online chat. However, these mediums (minus emoticons!) do not always deliver the message with the sincerity or tone that is intended. In contrast, a phone call or face to face chat provides immediate feedback, engagement and nurtures the relationship held. It offers the customer an opportunity to vocalise their experience and your business to get a real time insight into their beliefs and feelings about your products or services.

Take the challenge. Review your customer list and identify those who you haven’t seen recently and give them a call. Commit to calling at least one person a day and see what you discover. In addition to making the client feel valued enough to the business that their absence has been recognised, they will feel they are valued by your business for you to take the time to call them.

Why not consider fostering relationships as part of your marketing strategy and general procedures for your business? Include a phone call as part of the post sales process. This will, again, give you an insight in the sales experience for the client, enabling you to shape and improve the experience for the next client. This simple call will also serve to give the client the knowledge that they are valued to your business beyond the sale.

This whole exercise will fine tune your service and foster a loyal customer base, who happily engage in word of mouth (or mouse). Get cut through, pick up the phone.

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Posted on April 4, 2016 in marketing

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