Why Voice Search Is Important to Your SEO

Did you know that 27% in 2000 people use voice search? With improved devices entering the market every year and the on-the-go lifestyle of this generation, it is not surprising that voice search is starting to rise.

Note that voice command is not only limited to mobile devices as even computers can now understand voice commands perfectly. In fact, voice commands will just continue to improve. SEO will have to also change to adapt to this new trend.

The question now is: how will this affect search engine optimization?

Long search words
Text-based searches are shorter while voice-activated searches will definitely be longer. This means that SEO will have to move to a natural language keywords.

Question-based searches
When users type, they’re usually in phrases. With activated-voice search, keywords will most likely in question form.

For example, from text-based search “restaurants in Airlie Beach”, it will sound more like “what are best restaurants in Airlie Beach?”

So how will your website cater to the voice-activated searches?

Start with your website being mobile-friendly

Otherwise, visitors will find your site  slow and most likely leave.

Use long tail keywords.

Using long tail keywords in question form have the highest probability of conversion than shorter keywords as voice-based searches continue to improve.
Want to learn more about the impact of voice search in SEO? Click the full article here.

Posted on April 9, 2018 in Blog

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