What is a hashtag?


Do you dabble in social media? Or have you heard the term ‘hashtag’ referenced on television? What is it? How does it work?

Hashtags allow you or your business to join an online conversation, by including a word with the symbol # preceding it. Using hashtags turns any word or group of words into a searchable link, allowing anyone earching that label to easily find other related messages within the same social media platform.

Hashtags let users to find similar content on a topic or search word. Hashtags Whilst they apply to all social networks, hashtags are effective when searching for a topic that interests you, or to follow a current event as it unfolds. Think of our most recent cyclonic event. By following a hashtag thread, you would have seen updates by anyone who is posting related to this topic, which could offer a valuable insight on the cyclone’s position and activity.

Hashtags are not limited to big news stories. In fact, its’ simplicity and ability to unify campaigns across different social networks and websites make it a staple of modern marketing. By using hashtags, you can reach out to a specific audience, one that has confirmed their interest in the topic by following the thread.

When using hashtags, no grammar, spacing or punctuation applies, leaving the reader to digest the hashtag and the message it carries. If you click on a word, which has a hashtag in front of it on platforms such as Twitter, you will see the full and most recent conversation where the same hashtag is used.

Hashtags also allows the community to voice our opinions unlike ever before. Australia’s Q&A program on the ABC brings Australia’s democratic spirit into the studio by using hashtags. By tagging tweets with #qanda, the national audience can join the discussion on the program, including asking their questions and making their own opinions heard, all by using a hashtag!

Businesses can also set up a specific hashtag to include your brand, which becomes an easy way to reference all related posts, such as #coremag.

Alternatively, target by location, simply hashtag the region you are
targeting, such as #mackay.

If you would like to know more about how to effectively use hashtags as part of your marketing toolbox, contact Tolita on 0488117728 or tolita@8seconds.com.au. 8 Seconds, Marketing for your business. Servicing Mackay & the Whitsundays. www.8seconds.com.au

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Posted on December 25, 2015 in marketing, social media

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