Hamilton Island Air

Project Description

8 Seconds has been tasked with management of social media accounts for Hamilton Island Air, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hamilton Island Air is a brand which inspires audience connection and brand awareness. This brand has a strong presence within social media as clients share when they experience the product, as the association with a.helicopters and b.The Whitsundays, Hamilton Island is aspirational and therefore shows the client in this light to their audience.

Emotive imagery also drives engagement as viewers immediately have an aspirational reaction when viewing, thinking ‘I would love to be in that picture’ often driving them to ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ as a result. For this reason, much of the content shared is that which clients have already posted of their own accord. This also has the positive effect of clients endorsing the company and experience of their own free will, rather than the brand explaining how it is great, these guys are doing it for us!

Project Details

Client: Hamilton Island Air

Tags: Website Development

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