Marketing is the oxygen for your business.

8 Seconds is a full-service marketing agency specialising in working with SME clients across the country. We focus on working with our clients to build their business through a comprehensive range of marketing and communications activities especially utilising digital technologies and opportunities. We upskill and empower our clients so they have the capabilities to share their skillset with their own teams programs and initiatives can easily be applied in their business.

Our services include:

Digital + Marketing Coaching

Smart business owners appreciate and value the importance of learning and upskilling. They acknowledge their strengths and equally their weaknesses and seek assistance to fill their missing skills and expertise. SME business operators can’t expect to be masters of everything or afford a full-time team to cover every facet of their operation. We assist by adding to your knowledge bank and skillset with coaching services in both digital and general marketing. Arrangements are tailored to suit your time, your budget and your level of expertise. 

Social Media Marketing, including both organic and paid campaignS 

Social media is fast becoming a dominant aspect of the marketing mix. Used effectively, social media is a powerful marketing tool. We work with businesses to develop overall marketing campaigns which incorporate both organic and paid social media campaigns in conjunction with other marketing elements to deliver targeted outcomes.

Social Media Strategy

Posting a pic and comment on your social channels might generate some positive comments from your followers and a feel-good moment. But achieving real outcomes which contribute to your bottom line requires a strategic approach to the overall social media channels. Digital and social are two of our specialist areas of marketing expertise and we draw on our extensive experience to develop customised strategies for individual businesses.

Sales Mentoring + Training

SME owners and operators really need to be multi-skilled to cover off on many aspects of business operations. Many are not natural salespeople and require direction and guidance to understand the selling process. We provide sales mentoring and training which is designed to give business owners a greater awareness and understanding of the selling process within their operation. Our services provide individuals with basic sales techniques, skills and proficiency to confidently increase the sales figures in their business.

Marketing Strategy

Working in your business can often make it challenging to effectively work on your business. Focussing on achieving daily or weekly targets can divert you away from the big picture. Away from longer term goals and objectives. As marketing specialists we know the value that can be realised by adopting a strategic approach to marketing plans. We bring that necessary objective point of view to your business marketing. Developing a strategy, a specific plan with a clear pathway that provides your blueprint for marketing your business to achieve long term goals.


SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is arguably one of the most well-known but the least understood concepts in marketing. Our inboxes are full of junk mail offering SEO services, which can give this very useful marketing tool a bad image. Implemented properly, SEO can lift a business in search rankings dramatically and it doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. We develop custom SEO programs to suit budgets, targets and which deliver results.

Google Ads

Love them or loathe them, the global monolith Google is the international powerhouse when it comes to internet browsers. So much so that ‘google it’ has morphed into the accepted term for ‘internet search’. Getting in on the action through Google Ads can be an extremely cost-effective part of an overall marketing strategy. We have the know-how and the expertise to implement a campaign to suit your business.

Content Creation + Content Strategy

Creative content which delivers a clear message is the foundation of effective business marketing. We have connections with highly experienced and talented business writers, designers and creators that we call on for our clients. Creators who share our enthusiasm for our client’s business and develop content which reflects acute business acumen, creativity and a solid understanding of many industry sectors. We work with our creators and clients to develop the whole-of-business strategic approach and then allow our creators to work their magic and turn strategy into meaningful and original content.

Contract Marketing, Short or Long Term

Not all businesses can afford a full-time marketing team on staff. To empower these businesses with high-level marketing expertise within their budget constraints, we provide contract marketing services. Provided on an external contract arrangement but operating on a very close working relationship to ensure we have a full and in-depth understanding of your business needs. Contracts are tailored to suit budgets and requirements on either a short-term or an ongoing, long term basis.

Website Design + Development 

Websites are a specialist area of our business and we have developed sites for many businesses across many sectors both in the Whitsundays and through other areas of Australia. Our web designers and developers are highly experienced, super creative but with a solid appreciation of the real needs of the business. We handle the entire web development project from the initial concept, through design, content writing, technical aspects, build and development to the launch. Websites are designed to empower clients to handle as much of their own updates and management as possible to contain costs and streamline the process.


Do you really know what your branding says about your business? Are you conveying the message you really want customers to receive? Branding is an involved and complex aspect of marketing which takes into account many layers and facets of a business operation. We provide a full-service approach to assessing, reviewing, researching and exploring existing branding and developing evidence-based options and practical pathways to re-branding.

Advertising + Communications Strategy

We focus on working with our clients to build their business through a comprehensive range of marketing, advertising and communications strategy especially utilising digital technologies and opportunities. We upskill and empower our clients so you have the capabilities to share your skillset with your teams and deliver the strategy through programs and initiatives we have developed.

E-Communications Setup + Promotions, ENewsletters

We all realise the importance and value of running regular promotions and connecting with our customer base through e-news on a regular basis. But time very often defeats many of our well-intentioned clients. We assist by setting up an e-communications program that is ready for them to easily implement as scheduled. Initiatives include blogs, newsletters, special offers and promotions. Our focus is on client empowerment to minimise your costs while maximising your marketing power.