Farm HQ

Farm HQ is the industry leader in farming practise and principles in North Queensland. This successful business felt the need to move with more modern times as their clients begin to seek information in new more ‘online’ ways. 8 Seconds recognised the on this occasion, hard copies, print outs of newsletters and communication by phone…

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Helibiz is one of the largest helicopter businesses in Australia. With facets including training, selling, servicing and chartering helicopters, 8 Seconds was tasked with creating a website which portrayed all of these key aspects of the business effectively. 8 Seconds has also been tasked with assistance in regular communication with clients, via an electronic direct…

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Mirage Whitsundays

Mirage Whitsundays is the ‘qualia’ of Airlie Beach. This strong brand has a long and prevalent history in tourism in Queensland and therefore it was an exciting opportunity to introduce to Airlie Beach as it represented a high level of quality, product and service. Social media was key in getting this word out to interested…

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