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TrueView as a Platform for Inbound Marketers

In this article by Blogspot, discover the reasons as to why Trueview, Youtube’s ad platform is deemed to be a “brilliant” platform for inbound marketers. Due to the fact that a huge percentage of internet users are watching videos in Youtube, TrueView becomes a very viable platform for both brands and marketers to run their…

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10 Most Important Features You Need for Your Website

Having a website is crucially important to any small business owner. Publishing a website though is a difficult task that is why most businesses delegate this task to a web designer or web developer. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, they could greatly help you create a fully functional and efficient website, much quicker…

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Print advertising is dead Or is it?

  THERE IS NO DOUBT TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE DIGEST NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT. NEW OPTIONS HAVE BEEN PRESENTED TO US, AND WE HAVE EMBRACED THEM! You can now get your daily copy of the newspaper delivered straight to your iPad, before you even get out of bed and put the kettle on. Gone are the days…

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Are you looking for a more targeted advertising campaign?

  There is a great saying when it comes to advertising. ‘I know 50% of my advertising budget works, I am just not sure which 50%.’ With Facebook advertising, you can be 100% sure of your return on investment change to you can be 100% sure of a return on investment. Advertising will never make…

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less is MORE

  Often, when paying for advertising, we want to include as much as we can for our customers. We want to give them a full picture of our products or services and get the best bang for our buck! However, this is not the time or the place (space). We all recognise the value of a dollar and every dollar…

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Advertising Why Less is More

The whole point of advertising your business is to make it visible to your target audience. But if your advertisements are overpopulated by technical jargon and superfluous information, you may as well have it written in invisible ink. CLICK HERE to read more!  

Ok – so I have got back in the digital marketing chair!

Post having a very interactive chat today with a number of impressive Whitsunday Women in Business, I am pleased to post the presentation we discussed about digital media. Hope you get something out of it, click here to view… Keep an eye out for Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Hashtag hashtag. Email me if you have…

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I believe in first impressions…

A recent article I was blessed to have done on mwah! Thank you Sharon Smallwood and the Whitsunday Times for this great snapshot of my business and myself! Much appreciated it! Enjoy!  

Online Video Editor, FREE

Check out Powtoon, awesome online video editor or creator I learned of last week at the Social Media Pros Seminar in Brisbane with Social Media Shortcut, online, easy and FREE! 🙂 Here is my effort! Marketing consultancy for small business, check it! 😉  

Advertising innovation to combat child abuse – Spain

Check this out, an amazing innovation Spain is using in advertising to cut through to children who experience child abuse… Click here for the article Source: We Love Bold  

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