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26 Mobile Apps You Need for a Successful Social Media Content

You will be surprised to know that everything you need to create, publish and analyze your content is all in your smartphone. Yes! This all-in-one production studio uses apps. These apps will help you create an incredible social media content specific to your business. Buffer writer Ash Read and Product Hunt share 26 apps you…

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Featured on CORE Life Magazine

8 Seconds creator Tolita Dukes shares about her first book Where We Live Airlie Beach on Core Life Magazine. Read the full article here.

Top Tech Tools to Grow Your Business in 2017

Looking for tools to grow your business this year? Find out this list of tech tools for entrepreneur to help improve business productivity and communication. No need to search any further because this article narrowed it down for you. Let’s look at some of these tools: Boomerang : Schedule your emails to coworkers and clients…

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Twitter Finally Rolled Out Longer Tweets

Finally! Twitter has decided to change its 140-character limit. This does not necessarily mean that there won’t be any limit to its character, it just means that photos, videos or even quoted tweets will not be included in the character limit. BIG NEWS! 🙂   Read the full article here.

How Facebook 360 Photos Are Beneficial to Your Business

  In this article from Christian Karasiewicz of Social Media Examiner, he discussed how to use Facebook 360 to work for your business. Facebook 360 is basically the new feature of Facebook that lets you create a 3D photo. Instead of a normal flat photo, Facebook 360 allows you to upload a photo of the…

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Significance of Google Analytics to Social Media Marketing

Did you know that you can use Google Analytics to determine the right audience and to identify the best social media channels that will help increase your website’s traffic? This article from Social Media Examiner discusses the ways on how to use Google Analytics to evaluate your website audience. Using Google Analytics as it also…

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Secrets to Improving your Facebook Video Ads

Learn ways to make your video ads more powerful in this article from Social Media Examiner.   First Few Seconds Remember that Facebook audience sees a lot of news feeds every hour. How do you make sure they pay attention to your video ads? Audience retention is dependent on the first 2-3 seconds. If you…

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10 Content Writing Tools That Will Increase Your Sales

One of the challenges for content writers is to find a unique voice that will give you edge from the rest of the crowd. In this article from Bluewire Media, you will learn more about content writing tools that can improve your work of art. These are the tools you can utilize to make sure…

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How To Combine Print And Digital Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, we consider print marketing as a dying strategy to market their brand but according to the article written by Chris Holloway it’s not dying. The following are revealing facts on how print should have pride in driving marketing. Print marketing statistics According to the CMI’s annual report in 2015 the top three paid advertising…

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Secrets for a Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting

An article from Social Media Examiner introduces marketers to effective ways on how to connect with local customers. Ad type Your ad will depend heavily on your objective such as boosting a post, promoting your page, obtaining leads, increasing engagement on your page and other objectives. You can also set your target location, age and…

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