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4 Tips For a Successful Facebook Campaign

Wondering how to achieve success in your Facebook campaigns?   Facebook provides 4 tips to maximize your campaign results: Optimize for outcomes What are your goals for the business. Set up your campaign objective to achieve that goal. Never rely on clicks alone but on the results. Do you want to increase sales? You should…

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Guide to Generating Leads using Facebook Ads

  If you’re looking for ways to generate more leads from Facebook, then this article from Social Media Examiner is for you.   Here are the steps to setting up a lead generation system in Facebook: Know your Target Customers No matter how good your ad is if it does not appeal to your target…

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Secrets to Improving your Facebook Video Ads

Learn ways to make your video ads more powerful in this article from Social Media Examiner.   First Few Seconds Remember that Facebook audience sees a lot of news feeds every hour. How do you make sure they pay attention to your video ads? Audience retention is dependent on the first 2-3 seconds. If you…

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