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How To Combine Print And Digital Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, we consider print marketing as a dying strategy to market their brand but according to the article written by Chris Holloway it’s not dying. The following are revealing facts on how print should have pride in driving marketing. Print marketing statistics According to the CMI’s annual report in 2015 the top three paid advertising…

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Secrets for a Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting

An article from Social Media Examiner introduces marketers to effective ways on how to connect with local customers. Ad type Your ad will depend heavily on your objective such as boosting a post, promoting your page, obtaining leads, increasing engagement on your page and other objectives. You can also set your target location, age and…

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McDonald’s is Using Snapchat and Why You Should Too

We’ve heard of different social media platforms with posts you can retrieve from years ago. But have you heard of a social media platform that boasts of its self-destruct feature? McDonald’s is one of the well-known brands to use Snapchat in their marketing strategy by posting snaps of LeBron and Manziel and snaps of behind-the-scenes…

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5 Things They Never Told You About Marketing Success

In the article from Business 2 Community website entitled The Secret to Marketing Success Make it a Habit, the importance of marketing strategy was highly emphasized. If you want to grow your business, you need to step up your marketing strategy. Your marketing efforts will assist you with the growth of your business. The thing…

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How long do you have to get your client’s attention? 8 seconds.

8 seconds is the golden rule of the Internet, the time you have to cut through and get your message across before your online visitor loses interest. Think about your own behaviour. What do you do when you land on a website which isn’t what you were looking for or one that is loading slowly? You bounce out! The…

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The ultimate form of marketing, showing you care.

  Think about yourself, as the consumer. When you go to get your morning coffee and you are greeted by first name and a smile. You are then presented with your coffee of choice without having to even ask for it. How do you feel? Valued as a customer to the business who you have chosen to…

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