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26 Mobile Apps You Need for a Successful Social Media Content

You will be surprised to know that everything you need to create, publish and analyze your content is all in your smartphone. Yes! This all-in-one production studio uses apps. These apps will help you create an incredible social media content specific to your business. Buffer writer Ash Read and Product Hunt share 26 apps you…

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Ultimate List of Free Stock Images

Sourcing images that are both stunning and free may seem difficult. Fortunately, this article provides the ultimate list of sites to source free images for your blog and for commercial use. Check out some of these websites: Unsplash – royalty free and high resolution stock photography Gratisography: Free images and fresh photographs weekly Little Visuals:…

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Ways to Improve Instagram Marketing

Here is an article from Social Examiner which discusses the ways to improve your Instagram marketing by using the perfect tools:   Content With these tools, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create stunning and professional-looking images! Check out the below apps: Typorama Beautiful Mess Pixabay   Link These are link managing…

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How to Increase Social Post Shares

In this article from Social Media Examiner titled 6 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Shares, marketers are provided with ways to increase social media posts shares. Below are some of the tips discussed in the article:   Design your content for easy sharing It is a lot easier to share contents with clickable social…

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McDonald’s is Using Snapchat and Why You Should Too

We’ve heard of different social media platforms with posts you can retrieve from years ago. But have you heard of a social media platform that boasts of its self-destruct feature? McDonald’s is one of the well-known brands to use Snapchat in their marketing strategy by posting snaps of LeBron and Manziel and snaps of behind-the-scenes…

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Social media so what?

Two painful little words for the small business owner. Social media. Should we? Shouldn’t we? What will we talk about? No one wants to hear what we have to say do they? What if someone posts a negative comment about our business for everyone to see? Social Media is now the number 1 activity on…

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Marketing Tips from 8 Seconds

So I am embracing the world of YouTube, and have kicked of a series of minute marketing tips and tricks on my 8 Seconds YouTube channel. Click here to check it out! This week, I mention a great time saver for your inbox, check it out. Hopefully it will help you as much as it…

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Are you social for business?

Business hours are no longer store opening hours. Now you can present your goods and wares at all hours, for your customers and potential customers to view in the comfort of whilst in their pajamas! Social media, love it or hate it, is here and in force. You can choose to ignore it or embrace…

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Ok – so I have got back in the digital marketing chair!

Post having a very interactive chat today with a number of impressive Whitsunday Women in Business, I am pleased to post the presentation we discussed about digital media. Hope you get something out of it, click here to view… Keep an eye out for Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Hashtag hashtag. Email me if you have…

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How do you shape up on Facebook compared to your arch rivals?

Want some help to find out? Check it out here for the word from the Social Media Examiner… Source: Social Media Examiner  

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