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Why Voice Search Is Important to Your SEO

Did you know that 27% in 2000 people use voice search? With improved devices entering the market every year and the on-the-go lifestyle of this generation, it is not surprising that voice search is starting to rise. Note that voice command is not only limited to mobile devices as even computers can now understand voice…

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10 Most Important Features You Need for Your Website

Having a website is crucially important to any small business owner. Publishing a website though is a difficult task that is why most businesses delegate this task to a web designer or web developer. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, they could greatly help you create a fully functional and efficient website, much quicker…

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What is most important marketing tool

  YOUR WEBSITE. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. WHY? YOUR WEBSITE IS THE PLACE WHERE YOU HAVE 100% OF YOUR AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION. Consider your behaviour when you need to purchase something new. What do you do? Google it! What you find or not find will completely shape your perspective of the business or product you are searching for…

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How long do you have to get your client’s attention?

8 seconds is the golden rule of the Internet, the time you have to cut through and get your message across before your online visitor loses interest. Think about your own behaviour. What do you do when you land on a website which isn’t what you were looking for or one that is loading slowly?…

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